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Subject All being in the universe are interdependently connected enough to
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Your cell phone, a small cordless machine, rings at your office in Seoul and gets your friend's voice from New York on the phone, talking about planning an international convention. How is the voice transmitted from New York to Seoul? Is it in the form of particles or waves of phonological information? Then where and how is the phonological information stored in the air and transmitted to you the right person? As we get accustomed to it without thinking much, it just looks natural in our daily life and considers it all in a day's work. A navigator in your car, a solar battery calculator, and more modern conveniences are there, too. And what do you think about intuitive phenomena in aboriginal groups? We have more marvelous facts that there were reports that certain intuitive phenomenon is seen among humans. As one of the examples, in the recent Asian tsunami, aboriginal people sought out higher ground in the moments before the disaster, as did many wild animals. It might be just a rumor but maybe it is true.

We all being in the universe are interdependently connected enough to get core messages and use the power and force of the universal energy as all wisdom has already been there. Aboriginal intuition of human-beings, natural blooming flowers, and autumnal tints, in the right time and with perfect colors and procedures are just like a variety of civilization ornament and more things beyond our perception and sensation.

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